Tracy Newman
Shabbat Hiccups
By Tracy Newman
Illustrated by Ilana Exelby
Published by Albert Whitman & Company

ISBN-10: 0807573124
ISBN-13: 978-0807573129

© 2014-2016 TRACY NEWMAN.  Illustration © Ilana Exelby All rights reserved. Site design Donna Farrell. http://donnadoodles.comshapeimage_7_link_0
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Coming March 2016!
Shabbat Hiccups. Jonah loves Shabbat. But this week, as he helps his family set the table for dinner, something unexpected happens: he gets the hiccups! His sister, grandma, mom, cousin, and dad all suggest remedies, but no matter what Jonah does--eat sugar, hold his breath, have someone shout, "Boo!"--those hiccups simply won't go away. Will his uncontrollable hiccups disrupt the festivities?
Will Jonah’s hiccups stop? 
Or will Shabbat be ruined?