Tracy Newman
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Tracy Newman’s writing inspiration comes primarily from her daily adventures raising her children. For Tracy, early morning wakeups, bath time and car trips are an abundant source of story ideas. In addition, Tracy can often be heard making up off-key rhyming songs to encourage her children to get dressed, eat their dinner and clean up after themselves.
Since she was young, Tracy has loved words and writing. She was declared Class Poet in Second Grade and has always been proud of that title.
Tracy was first published when her fifth grade class was selected to write an issue of Kidsday, a kid-written section of her local newspaper. Unfortunately, Tracy would have to wait several decades before being published again—in the Metropolitan Diary section of The New York Times. Now Tracy is delighted to see her name in print once again as a children’s book writer.

Portraits of Tracy by her two biggest fans, her children.

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